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Sacha Hamilton’s Equestrian Centre responds to clients requests of providing an opportunity to have a virtual one to one clinic directly with Sacha herself. 

During this last lockdown, riders have really been missing out entering competitions and booking one to one clinic to help them improve their stills and to keep their horse competition fit. 
Following advice from Government and The British Horse Society owners are being asked not to transport their horses or ponies unless for welfare reasons, specifically stating Horses should not be transported for Lessons or Clinics.  

Access a clinic or virtual lesson with Sasha Hamilton from anywhere in the world! 

Riders of any level have the opportunity to access the expert advice from Sacha Hamilton, who is a UKCC Level 3 Dressage coach, by either submitting a video online for comments and advice, this can be accessed for a one-off booking or as part of a series of feedback structured by Sacha. 
Alternatively, you can book a live online lesson, again on a one-off basis or as part of a series of lessons. 
If you would like to see Sacha’s credentials, visit British Dressage, the body responsible for regulating the sport of dressage in the UK. 

Here are the things you need to book Sacha Hamilton’s virtual clinic 

Sasha Hamilton’s Equestrian Centre has partnered with Wise Own Equitation an online platform that links trainers and riders worldwide. 
You will need is a smart camera phone 
Good internet access 
A set of Bluetooth headphones so you can hear Sacha’s instructions 
It works better if you have a helper with you, they can film the lesson and also listen in to the feedback, but you can also use a smart tracking devise to film your session, upload the video and wait for the feedback. 
Using this service gives you a fabulous opportunity to have training session with Sacha and not be restricted by travel or lockdown. 
Virtual 1-2-1 clinic or riding lesson with Sacha  
Cost: 40 mins - £45 
If you are looking to book a virtual private lesson personally guided by Sacha herself, this is being offered at £45 for 40 minutes. You will need your smart phone or tablet, Bluetooth earphones, a reliable helper to track you on the horse, and a good WIFI connection, this is important so you are able to hear Sacha’s comments immediately. 
Pre-recorded clinic or riding lesson with Sacha 
Cost: 40 mins - £30 
IIf your WIFI isn’t that stable, there is the option of a pre-recorded lesson, which can be uploaded and feedback will be given by Sacha. The recording can be up to 40 minutes and is only £30. 

Get feedback on your riding lesson or clinic from a nationally recognised expert in Dressage, Show jumping, Eventing, Showing and Natural Horsemanship 

During the Corona Virus pandemic, virtual lessons and clinics have grown in popularity, online training offers the highest quality of trainers and Sacha Hamilton can offer you lessons or clinics focusing on Dressage, Show jumping, Eventing, Showing, Natural Horsemanship and Bitless skills.  

What time can I book the live virtual riding classes or clinics with Sacha Hamilton? 

Online classes with Sacha Hamilton are available: 
10am - 4pm 
10am - 4pm 
10am - 4pm 
10am - 4pm 
10am - 4pm 
10am - 4pm 
10am - 4pm 
Cancellation is accepted up to 12 hours before the class. 
Why choose Sacha Hamilton for your virtual clinic? 
Sacha prides herself on getting to know the horse and their rider, at the beginning of the virtual class, Sacha will hold a consultation with the rider, working with them to ensure they aware of their overall goals and what they hope to achieve during the class. 

 Trust an expert, Sacha Hamilton has a nationally recognised qualification UKCC Level 3 

Sacha has owned and managed her own yard ‘Sacha Hamilton Equestrian Centre’ and has trained many of her own horses from Novice to Medium and beyond. Active Dynamo was trained from a 4-year-old to syndicate to grand Prix level. 
What ever level you are riding at Sacha is ready to guide you to your optimum potential. 
Call now on 01494 875584 or email us to find out how to book your time slot.  
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